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OK Monkey

Frederik Hansen and Andreas Nederland have a total of 16 years of experience from Ramasjang – a Danish children’s TV channel. They are the brains behind the Ramasjang app, The Ramasjang Mystery, Call Ramasjang, and many other successful narratives for children on DR. Together they have formed the company OK Monkey in which they use their world-class skills in motivating children on all platforms.

Andreas and Frederik are behind The Museum Mystery, Nature Quest and our other games for children.

Operate Experience

Operate Experience is part of the Operate Group and delivers great content and strong visual narratives that engage and entertain audiences.

Operate Experience combines solid digital skills and knowledge of behavioral change with insight into the museum industry in Denmark. The collaboration with Useeum means that Operate Experience uses Useeum as a platform when creating mobile communication concepts to their customers in the museum industry.

Maria Junghans

Maria Junghans tells stories. She received an award for innovation during the Historical Days in 2017 for her work at ‘Øhavsmuseet’, the Museum of Faaborg, with her exhibition called ‘Savn & Brand i Arresten’.

We collaborate with Maria on the development of audio guides and other types of narratives that make use fictional elements in order to motivate the visitors.

Lutter øre

Hege Huseby and Mari Paus at Lutter øre produce audio and develop communication concepts for museums and other institutions in Norway and Denmark.

We collaborate with Hege and Mari on the development of cross-cutting audio guides, which connect the museums in one large narrative, thus motivating the listeners to visit them all.

Hz & Tone

Hz & Tone design audio and develop music for apps, computer games, and films. They have produced audio guides for a number of Danish museums and are the brains behind ‘The Talking Trees’ in The King’s Garden.

We collaborate with Hz & Tone on audio production, design and effects for audio guides.

Stefan Weinreich Mortensen

Stefan Weinreich Mortensen is a musician and storyteller. Among many other things he has created the ‘Children’s World History’ for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Stefan’s audio narratives are particularly inspired by the old ‘Children’s Radio’ on Danish radio program P3.

We collaborate with Stefan on the development of humorous audio guides targeted at children. Click to see a few examples of Stefan's work.

Charlotte Lønstrup

Charlotte Lønstrup is a historian and has extensive experience in organizing history programs for Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). She is particularly keen to write personal stories, thoughts and feelings into the great history of Denmark. And thus create identification and coherence in research-based dissemination of information.


Filt is a Scandinavian production company producing radio and podcasts for public service broadcasters, companies, government bodies and organisations. Among others, Filt has produces a series of radio programmes and podcasts for Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

We collaborate with Filt Cph on an audio guide for the Karen Blixen Museum, where visitors are taken on a tour of the world-renowned author's birthplace and artist home, Rungstedlund.


Laura Kamis Wrang is a bilingual Voice-artist. With her storytelling she invites her audiences into many different worlds full of facts and funny tales. She is passionate about telling stories to the public and finding new ways to unfold history and art, in vibrantly alive and enticing ways, for all to see.

We collaborate with Laura on the audio guide for The Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg Palace and on the audio guide for J.F. Willumsen Museum.

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