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The most powerful app for museums and similar places

The Useeum app is the most powerful app platform for museums and other cultural institutions on the market. It is tailored to a wide variety of target audiences and usage situations - from ticket sales to audio guides, gamification, and much more.

Your museum or organization gets its own profile in the app with its own design. The profile is highlighted on the app's front page for users who are near your location. You also receive a QR code that directs your guests straight to your profile in the app.

Engage your guests with audio guides

We love mediation through sound, and the most used feature in the Useeum app is our audio guide, which can be developed for both indoor and outdoor use.

With an audio guide, you free up your guests' other senses to experience their surroundings. And with the right script and sound design, an audio guide can create images that provide guests with an immersive experience of traveling through both time and space.

Digital guides indoors and outdoors

Many visitors prefer to have a curated, rounded experience of the place they are visiting. Our indoor and outdoor guide modules make it easy to offer just that.

You can link all types of content—video, audio, text, images, or a combination—to selected works, objects, and points of interest. If the guide is indoors, you can help users navigate using a floor plan. If it is outdoors, our GPS-supported map aids with navigation. Simple and user-friendly.

Interactive installations with sound

The Useeum app can also be integrated more deeply into your exhibition. For example, it can enable users to activate screens or projectors with their phones and play the accompanying audio narratives through their phone's speaker. This way, you avoid having screens running in constant loops and playing audio out into the room.

The sound synchronizes with the videos, and if more guests join, they can scan into the same experience, allowing the sound to synchronize with their phones as well.

Gamification and treasure hunts

The Useeum app offers several different options for engaging your guests in treasure hunts and other forms of gamification, both indoors and outdoors.

You can either develop the experience yourself with text, images, audio, and video combined with quiz questions and tasks. Alternatively, through our skilled partners, we can develop more advanced games with animated characters, captivating storylines, and fun tasks that make exploring your museum or area enjoyable for both children and adults.

Augmented Reality experiences

The Useeum app includes integrations that make it possible to publish AR experiences within the app. This allows you to offer your guests the opportunity to see additional graphical layers over reality through their mobile phones.

We collaborate with some of the industry's most skilled developers of 3D graphics and Augmented Reality experiences. So you can use Useeum whether you have your own content providers or need assistance with the entire production.

Explorer module with NFC, beacons, or image recognition

Some museum guests prefer to explore the museum on their own and delve into the things they find interesting. For this audience, we have developed our explorer module. The module allows you to link content to all the works or objects in the exhibition.

Using either a search function, NFC technology, beacons, or image recognition, guests can quickly and easily access information about the specific work or object in the exhibition they are interested in learning more about.

Guides with additional information layers

When you mediate, there is often a need to offer supplementary information about a work or point of interest that is relevant to some guests but not to all. Our guide with additional information layers is developed precisely for this purpose.

The feature can be linked to both indoor and outdoor guides. When users open a point of interest with additional information layers, they first experience the primary content and can then delve into supplementary themes if they wish.

Zoom guides that focus on the details

Our zoom guide is particularly well-suited for presenting artworks or other objects where there is a need to highlight specific details. The feature allows an audio narrative about the work to be played while the screen continuously zooms in and out on it.

This way, the user receives assistance in navigating the works in the guide and gains information about the small details, which often contain important stories.

Follow the usage of your solution from day to day

With our data dashboard, you have the opportunity to monitor how and to what extent your guests use your various solutions in the Useeum app. You can use the data to optimize your marketing of the app and gain insights into which offers are the most popular.

Data is collected and shared in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Supports all languages and can be used offline

The Useeum app supports all the languages you wish to make your content available in. We are also happy to assist with content localization—either using AI or a translation agency, depending on your needs and budget.

The app also allows users to download selected experiences for offline use. This enables them to complete a guide, play a game, or enjoy other experiences in the app without being online, which is especially important in places with limited Wi-Fi and mobile coverage.

Contact us to learn more

The features described above are just a selection of the many opportunities the Useeum app offers to engage your guests before, during, and after their visit.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to learn more. And feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to receive information about new features regularly.