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The concept

Help Akiko save nature

Akiko is contacting you from the year 2077. The evil Doctor Polluti has destroyed nature and gained power by selling bottled oxygen.

Akiko is part of a resistance movement, who have found a way to recreate nature. But she needs your help in finding the DNA codes of animals and plants, which today’s biologists and museum employees have hidden in selected natural habitats.

A digital game played in the physical surroundings of nature

Nature Quest is played through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in nature.

The game forces the player to lift their eyes from the screen 95% of the time, to explore nature, and find the habitat of different species in order to complete the game.

One large game across nature resorts

Nature Quest is a game that reaches across individual areas and which can be made available for all nature resorts.

Every mission is finished at the selected location, however the game continues in other areas, where the player can find new species for their collection. This motivates the player to visit more nature resorts in order to complete all the missions.

The people behind Nature Quest

Nature Quest has been developed in collaboration with OK Monkey, which consists of two former employees of Ramasjang – a Danish children’s TV channel. They are also the creators of the Ramasjang app, The Ramasjang Mystery, Call Ramasjang, and many other successful narratives for children on Ramasjang.