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The concept

Solve puzzles from the master thief Heidenreich

The villain Heidenreich, a greedy and cunning eccentric with a love of priceless cultural treasures, has planned to steal a valuable object from the museum.

Professor Blom is on his trail but he needs your help. You can only stop Heidenreich if you can solve his tricky puzzles, which will take you through the museum.

A digital game played in the physical space of the museum

The Museum Mystery is played through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in the museum.

The game forces the player to lift their eyes from the screen 95% of the time, to explore the surroundings in the museum, and to find specific places and pieces in order to complete the game.

One large game across museums

The Museum Mystery is a game that reaches across museums and can be adapted to all museums.

Every mission is finished at the current museum, however the game continues in the other museums where Heidenreich is playing his tricks. This motivates the player to visit more museums in order to complete all the missions.

It works

We have completed a series of thorough user tests of The Museum Mystery on children of the ages 6-12. All tests show that the game:

1. Provides children with a fun experience at the museum
2. Creates curiosity, reflection, and learning
3. Engages the children for up to one hour
4. Is a social experience because it can be played by more than one person at a time
5. Motivates the children to visit other museums and continue the game

Media coverage

The Museum Mystery has been praised in the media, and journalists have tested the game independently on children. Read some of the mentions here: