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One app for all museums

Set your stories free

Useeum helps museums and similar places create great stories and games through one joint app.

Mobile guides

Captivating stories in the palm of your hand

Useeum lets you convey information and narratives about art pieces, cultural artefacts, and places through audio, pictures, text, or video.

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A scavenger hunt in the museum

The Museum Mystery

The Museum Mystery is a fun and educational game, which motivates children and playful adults to explore museums, solve puzzles concerning the exhibition pieces, and learn about our cultural heritage.

The primary target group for the game is children between 6-12 years old and their parents.

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A scavenger hunt in nature

Nature Quest

Nature Quest is a fun and educational game, which motivates children and playful adults to explore nature, find the habitats of specific animals and plants, and learn the importance of biodiversity.

The primary target group for the game is children between 6-12 years old and their parents.

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Content is key

The key to successful digital communication is not technology – it is content.

This is why we collaborate with some of the most skilled content suppliers with qualifications within e.g. storytelling, illustration, gamification, and audio design.

Meet our collaborators
Cathrine BlaabjergEvent & Marketing Coordinator, Egeskov

We are extremely happy to work with Useeum. Their app works perfectly both regarding the user experience and in terms of development. Right from their first presentation we felt that Useeum were competent and passionate people - everything seemed possible in the app. This expectation was fully met, both in terms of the already existing modules but also regarding the possibility to make further developments. We never have to worry about all the heavy stuff like updates, coding etc. We look forward to working with Useeum again.

Annemette Birk LundHead of Communications, ROMU

Our collaboration with Useeum has been totally uncomplicated, professional, and inspiring. We are so happy with both the collaboration and the result that we have already hired Useeum to develop more, new initiatives, which invite children to learn about history in a playful way.

Karl, 11 years old

You should play it (The Museum Mystery) if you are interested in knowledge. I would recommend this game to my friends, and I’d like to try it in another museum.

Sarah ChaneyEvents & Exhibitions Manager, Royal College of Nursing

We worked with Useeum on a tour to celebrate the hidden women’s histories around the RCN building in central London. The process was very straightforward, and Useeum were always helpful and responsive to any queries or suggestions we had. We’re really happy with the end result, and have been promoting it to users who can’t visit us in person, as well as an extra offer for those who take a tour of our building.

Birgitte BergmannResponsible for Communications, The Greenhouses and the Botanical Garden, Aarhus

We have been extremely happy with Useeum, both regarding the collaboration and the result. They have been good at listening to what we wanted to do and at adding new ideas. Always positive and helpful.

Julie, 11 years old

It (The Museum Mystery) is a lot of fun, but also a bit difficult. You have to use your brain and you move around a lot.

Pernille Stendevad, mother of two boys 8 and 11 years old

We had a really good day at Christiansborg Palace. Apps and puzzles are just great fun for such a couple of boys of 8 and 11 years. The tour around the museum suddenly became alive, and the children were able to connect to the rooms and the museum objects. Really nice experience for all of us!

Ulrik Dahl, father of a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl

We have completed two of the missions in The Museum Expedition this summer. Our experience was that the questions sparked both the children's interest and competitive mentality. They wanted to know more about the different items and at the same time they were very persistent in finding the right answers to all the questions so they could get all the clues.

Mother of 10-year-old twins

It (Nature Quest) is a good way to discover your city and the nature around it.