OK Monkey

Frederik Hansen and Andreas Nederland have a total of 16 years of experience from Ramasjang – a Danish children’s TV channel. They are the brains behind the Ramasjang app, The Ramasjang Mystery, Call Ramasjang, and many other successful narratives for children on DR. Together they have formed the company OK Monkey in which they use their world-class skills in motivating children on all platforms.

Andreas and Frederik are behind The Museum Mystery, Nature Quest and our other games for children.


Anders Olling and Hans Erik Havsteen have made tens of thousands of Danes listen to the history of Denmark with their podcast about the Danish succession of kings.

In collaboration with Anders and Hans Erik, we offer the development of audio guides for historical museums based on the successful presentation from their podcast ‘Kongerækken’.

Maria Junghans

Maria Junghans tells stories. She received an award for innovation during the Historical Days in 2017 for her work at ‘Øhavsmuseet’, the Museum of Faaborg, with her exhibition called ‘Savn & Brand i Arresten’.

We collaborate with Maria on the development of audio guides and other types of narratives that make use fictional elements in order to motivate the visitors.

Lutter øre

Hege Huseby and Mari Paus at Lutter øre produce audio and develop communication concepts for museums and other institutions in Norway and Denmark.

We collaborate with Hege and Mari on the development of cross-cutting audio guides, which connect the museums in one large narrative, thus motivating the listeners to visit them all.

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