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An experience for the whole family

Stevns Klint Experience

Stevns Klint Experience is the primary arrival and dissemination site for the Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A special reason to feel fortunate
66 million years ago, an asteroid hit Earth with tremendous force. Bad news for the dinosaurs, but lucky for us humans. Amidst the catastrophe, the animals and plants that evolved into the life we know today survived. Life with you and me. The enormous mass extinction was long a mystery. Until the day when an American geologist visited Stevns Klint and found traces of a global catastrophe in the thin layers of Fish Clay. Stevns Klint Experience takes you into the stories hidden in the layers of Stevns Klint, which led Stevns Klint to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.

The beautiful white cliff
Stevns Klint is the best place in the world to see traces of the catastrophe. The beautiful white cliff puts our lives and collective actions into a larger perspective. Today, it is us who create the framework for life on Earth. Together, we shape the future.

Here, there is time to be together, for immersion, wonder, presence, and experiences, as well as opportunities for play and learning. Stevns Klint Experience visitor center was opened by Her Majesty the Queen on October 12, 2022 – it is an insanely beautiful building and fantastic exhibition that has received five-star reviews in several nationwide newspapers and won numerous awards both nationally and internationally.

Local ingredients and products
At Stevns Klint Experience, you will also find our unique design shop, primarily consisting of products designed and produced in Stevns by local artists. In the café, you can eat, enjoy, soak in the time and space, where local foods and especially good food create a focal point in the modern community center. The café uses local ingredients as much as possible and has an increased focus on supporting local and Danish producers. The menu changes with the seasons, offering something for both the big and small appetite.

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Stevns Klint Experience

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